Assurance Contractors is a family owned roofing company with offices in Denver and Fort Collins. Our Colorado roots go back to 1981. The company, Assurance Roofing was formed upon the realization that there were so few quality, focused, and honest roofing companies in Colorado. In 2016, we changed our name to Assurance Contractors to reflect our broadening service capabilities. Our proven ability has taken a long-standing family trade and combined it with best-in-class principles from our team’s rich and successful experience working in Fortune 500 corporations.

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Assurance Contractors believes that quality must be integral to culture. Quality is one of our pillars of excellence and we pride ourselves on high customer scores over time. It is not enough to believe in quality, it must be obtained every step of the way from the initial meeting to the final bill.

Foundation of Quality

7 Year Average of Customer Scores (2010 – 2016)




  • Steve Arends
    Steve Arends PRESIDENT + CEO

    Steve received a degree in 1979 from Iowa State University in Finance and Computer Science. He began his Colorado career at Petroleum Information Corporation and over the next 30 years held executive positions with several firms in the Finance & Technology sectors. The hallmark of Steve’s career has been a passion for excellence and achieving quality through measurements and customer feedback. Beginning 15 years ago, Steve began consulting with his brother’s NE based roofing company in order to improve quality results and process efficiency. Steve’s excitement with the degree of quality improvement led to the formation of Assurance Roofing Company in 2009.

    Steve is excited to lead Assurance’s growing team of top tier industry professionals who share his passion for continually improving Assurance’s process to achieve quality results as measured by customer satisfaction.

  • Dawn Arends
    Dawn Arends Vice President of Finance

    Dawn Arends is part owner/VP of Finance for Assurance Roofing Company. She received her Bachelor’s of Art degree in Public Relations/Communications from William Jewell College outside of Kansas City, MO. Dawn’s early work experience included marketing, sales, banking and later served as an Investment Representative with Edward Jones for many years. Officially, her responsibilities include overseeing the daily operations of the finance and accounting departments. She manages the preparation of financial reports, budgets, audits and ensures proper levels of insurance and compliance on local, state and federal levels. Unofficially she is the company historian and ‘jack of all trades problems solver.’

  • Natalie Bosler
    Natalie Bosler Director of Business Development

    Natalie has fifteen years of consumer marketing and advertising experience during which time she has worked on large, international clients including MillerCoors, Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. She has an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in design and promotion from Colorado State University with a cum laude distinction. Additionally, she received her Master’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from University of Colorado. Natalie has a proven record of leading teams to deliver results with her ability to be a strong analytical thinker and provide quick solutions to complex projects. She recently joined the family business in 2015 and brings her knowledge to oversee the operational efficiency, marketing and business development for Assurance Contractors.

  • Peter Bosler
    Peter Bosler Director of Sales

    Peter received his Bachelor of Science degree in hospitality management from Colorado State University. He started his career with Marriott International in which he was promoted quickly during his time there with managing a diverse staff of 60 associates. He realized that he enjoyed selling services with a career shift to Cintas. During his time at CIntas, he was the top sales representative in his region for three years in a row with exceeding his goals provided to him. Peter was recruited into the construction family business and has kept his customer first mentality and providing customers with hands on attention. He strives to be an educator/producer on all aspects of the roofing process: from examining damage, filing a claim, explaining the insurance process, and providing a quality/clean job.

  • Peter Brookens
    Peter Brookens Project Manager

    Peter received his Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University. Professionally, his resume includes experiences in healthcare, sales, energy efficiency, and project management. Most recently, Peter worked in oil and gas for Schlumberger as a wireline engineer. Skilled in overseeing large, complex projects, Peter is an excellent problem solver, as well as communicator. Customer satisfaction is his number one priority, and he is committed to delivering quality projects based on customers’ needs. Peter has enjoyed being a part of the Assurance Contractor’s team and likes creating new customer relationships while balancing time with his wife and son.

  • Cody Burch
    Cody Burch Project Manager

    Cody Burch joined Assurance Contractors in 2016 as an Operations Supervisor with over 17 years’ experience in Operations, Human Resources and Retail Management. Cody’s passion and drive for service and customer satisfaction set him apart as he moves from Operations into Sales for Assurance. He thrives on setting and exceeding goals while maintaining positive relationships and focusing on integrity in every transaction. Cody’s resourcefulness and creative problem solving have contributed greatly to his success; and his large network of contacts in Northern Colorado and beyond is a real asset to Assurance Contractors.

  • Carlos Santiago
    Carlos Santiago Purchasing & Scheduling Manager
  • Marisol Chacon
    Marisol Chacon Operations Coordinator

    Marisol works as an integral part of the finance team along with a focus on the insurance insurance invoicing and supplementing. Her responsibilities include: paying invoices by verifying transaction information, scheduling and preparing disbursements and obtaining authorization of payments. During the process of invoicing with customers, she serves as a key point of contact for analyzing invoices and work completed. She is currently obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a double minor in Business Administration and Applied Statistics.

  • Ben Prado
    Ben Prado Operations Coordinator

    Ben specializes in working with insurance desk adjustors and ordering materials for projects. With his majors in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Colorado State University, he has proven to be efficient at calculating the proper amount of materials needed for each property and ensuring the proper county jurisdictions are being met. Additionally, he analyzes each insurance claim to ensure that all of our customer’s damages are covered by your insurance company. With Ben serving as a key contact for insurance, he helps the entire claim process go as smooth as possible.