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"An exceptional team! Prompt, courteous, accurate, detailed and very personable. A team member was there from the very first meeting right through the conclusion of the project. What a breath of fresh air to work with; such a professional and thoughtful team."

~ Trish & Eric R.

"Very friendly, professional, and personable. Exceptional communication and response time to inquiries."

~ Brett H.

"Peter and the whole team communicated clearly and frequently. Everything went great and we love the roof. Thank you!"

~ Dean & Rebecca W.

"My overall experience with Assurance was very positive. You provided specific pricing and payment schedule incorporating insurance payments and all was upfront. Excellent job. I would recommend Assurance for sure. You handled everything and made a major job with no stress to me."

~ Ron V.
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Assurance Contractors

Professional Roofing & Construction Services

Over the last few decades, Assurance Contractors has offered the best services in professional roofing and construction in the state of Colorado. What locations in Denver and Fort Collins, customers can get quality service at an affordable price, fully customized to fit any specific need.

Whether it be residential/commercial roofing, canopies or severe damage repairs, no roofing task is too complicated for the company. Assurance Contractors has been recognized locally as one of the best companies in their field in the area, but what sets them apart? They believe that their humble beginning, family-type business model and focus on perfection all makes a huge difference than the rest. Satisfied Coloradans continue to count on them.

Striving For Perfection

With roots in the technology and financial fields, Assurance Contractors understands getting things just right. That doesn’t mean just doing a solid job, but a perfect job in the eyes of the customer.

How do they do this? A lot of it comes down to proper education and training to handle the tougher parts of each job. Commercial jobs, in particular, take a high level of expertise to make sure everything looks great and is built to last. Everything also must be up to specific codes to pass inspection.

Assurance Contractors is not afraid to invest time and money into proper education so that future jobs can be done efficiently the very first time. That leaves customers happy when they stay on track time-wise, and the final results.

Just one example comes when a customer is in search of a roofing company. For some, any type of roofing experience is considered good enough. Assurance goes far beyond most competitors. They offer roofing and engineering experience. The more complicated a project is, the more important it is to get the math right.

A roof does so much more than protect people and possessions inside from the elements. A great roofing company can provide a solution that will need fewer repairs, look great longer, have better installation, and so much more.

Customer Service & Care

Assurance Contractors prides was built with a family type of atmosphere. All employees feel that vibe, and customers do as well. What started as a family affair has now grown to right around 20 employees. Despite growing considerably over the years, there is still a focus on staying true to its roots.

In the beginning, the concept was simple: to be the best roofing company in the area. It goes beyond installing or repairing a roof though. It’s about a full restoration for commercial and residential properties. The roof becomes part of the existing building, instead of sticking out.

Customers are also encouraged to have as much or as little to do with the work as they want. At every site, Assurance Contractors takes an extra step to keep the work area as clean and easy to navigate as possible. This allows people to see how everything is coming along if they wish. It also allows for business as usual around the home while a new roof is properly installed.

Communication is always the key to any successful construction job. It might just seem like another construction job to some companies, but to those spending money, it is a huge deal. Every major piece of work can make a significant impact, good or bad. When customers are always in the know, they can call the final shots, making those little tweaks or suggestions that ultimately make each job great.

If changes are necessary to the original plan, there are no guessing games for customers. They are informed that day. If the cost of a project can be reduced or must go up, all of that is properly communicated with customers as well. Fewer surprises mean a higher chance of satisfaction. There are too many companies in any construction field who will surprise customers with charges at the end.

Ready to get started? Reach out to the closest office to start the process. The company offers a free inspection for all customers, allowing people to figure out how much a new project will cost. In many cases, inspections can be set up in as little as one business day.

Our Mission is to be the best roofing company in Colorado, as measured by our customers. We serve the Northern Colorado and Denver Metro area. We ensure high quality results, provide open and honest communications and back all of our work with a five year workmanship warranty. We work with industry-leading manufacturers and offer a wide range of materials: asphalt, tile, DECRA stone coated steel, standing seam metal and commercial roofing.

Our Capabilities We are a reliable one-stop solution for maintaining, re-imaging or replacing your service station’s canopy and roof systems. Assurance Contractor’s can also take care of your needs in both residential and commercial with our expertise in asphalt shingles, commercial, metal and tile roofing installations.
Our Solution Assurance has proven success in working with insurance companies to ensure your property is repaired according to codes and that the process is easy. Our crews install your roof according to our highest standards and processes to ensure quality craftsmanship. We treat your property as if it were our own.

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