About Us



Over 10+ Assurance
years of experience

Over the last decade, Assurance Contractors has offered the best services in professional roofing and construction in the state of Colorado. With locations in Denver and Fort Collins, customers can get quality service, fully customized to fit any specific need.

Whether it be residential or commercial roofing, canopies, or severe damage repairs, no roofing task is too complicated for the company. At Assurance Contractors, we have been recognized locally as one of the best companies in our industry. What sets us apart? We believe that our humble beginnings, family-type business model, and focus on perfection all contribute to make a huge difference than our competition.

Our Team

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Assurance Contractors team photo

Core Values

Positively Present.

Be there for your people
with your whole heart.

Give more.

Small gestures have big impacts
within our culture and community.

Do right.

Assurance is more than our name,
it’s our commitment.

Victory is Shared.

When we support one another, we
grow far beyond our individual goals.

Complete + Continue.

Take control of your tasks and accountability
for them until they are accomplished.

Never Settle.

Challenge yourself to keep growing
professionally and personally.