Financing Options

Now Offering Hearth Financing!

Assurance Contractors is proud to partner with Hearth in order to provide the best financing options to our customers for home improvements, repairs, deductibles and upgrades. We offer personal loan financing, as well as a 0% APR credit card option for customers with a credit score above 680.

Now, you can check out monthly payment options specifically generated for you in just 60 seconds, without affecting your credit score!

Quick Steps to Finance Your Project

1. Click on “Get my rates”

2. Fill out “Pre-Qualified” section to see loan and credit card options
*Will not pull your credit score at this time.

3. Accept an intent agreement before viewing offers, meaning that you must intend to use the following loans/credit card funds for your project with Assurance Contractors.

4. Pick which offer appeals to your needs in order to continue with the full application process.
*Credit score will not be pulled until you choose to apply for one of the credit card options

60 second pre-qualification * Does not affect credit score