Referral Rewards

Referral Rewards

The Hail Didn’t Just Hit Your Roof

Refer your friends or neighbors and earn rewards!

How it works

✓ Must submit BEFORE we have had initial contact with them

✓ An Assurance representative will reach out to the referral to schedule a FREE roof inspection

✓ Bronze & silver rewards will be received once the referral has signed a contract with Assurance.

✓ Rewards for gold and above, the reward will be sent once the roof has been produced and collected in full.

Referral Rewards

Bronze: 1 referral = $250 merchant gift card

Silver: 3 referrals = $600 ($350 merchant gift card)

Gold: 5 referrals = $1000 ($400 merchant gift card)

Platinum: 8 referrals = $1500 ($500 merchant gift card)

Jackpot: 10 referrals =travel voucher for 2 ($3,000 limit)

*All levels above are a total amount from the previous rewards. Ex: Silver Reward is $350 additional for a total of $600.

Gift Card Options

Home Depot gift card
Amazon gift card
Uber gift card
Walmart gift card
Best Buy gift card

Program Terms & Conditions

1. A qualified referral must:
     ✓ Have confirmed roof damage, determined by an Assurance Representative.
     ✓ Sign a contract with Assurance for a roof replacement.

2. Home must be a minimum of 1,500 square feet.

3. Referral must be submitted on our website at prior to the referred homeowner having had any initial contact with Assurance.

4. The referrer is responsible for submitting their referral online. Assurance Representatives are not responsible for doing this for the referrer.

5. A customer has one year from the time they sign a contract with Assurance to submit referrals before their referral amounts restart.

Why Referrals Are Important To Us

We trust our customers and believe that they have the means to bring us the best business we can get. Referrals bring in 30% of our annual revenue. We started our referral program to show you our appreciation for trusting Assurance with your family, friends, and businesses.

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